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Sabr Creative Type Foundry

Sabr Creative, with its headquarters located in the small town of Sukabumi, West Java, Indonesia, is a type foundry specializing in creating stylish fonts, custom fonts, brand identity, and designs for print and web. Since its establishment in 2017, Sabr Creative has become a premier destination for designers and brands worldwide seeking unique and captivating design solutions.

At Sabr Creative, we understand the crucial role fonts play in visual communication. Each typeface possesses its own distinct characteristics that can express emotions, convey messages, and build brand identities. That’s why our focus lies in designing fonts that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also function effectively in various design contexts.

We boast an extensive collection of fonts, including serif, sans serif, script, handwriting, and brush-based typefaces. Each font undergoes meticulous design and craftsmanship, executed with expertise to ensure visual beauty and clarity in its application. Throughout the design process, we draw inspiration from various sources, including iconic classics, current trends, and our own creative explorations. The result is a collection of fonts that are unique, creative, and capable of enhancing the quality of your designs.

However, at Sabr Creative, we view font design as more than just visual appearance. We believe that each letter carries its own meaning, evoking impressions and emotions in readers. Our aim is to seamlessly blend visual beauty with profound meaning in every font design we create. This allows our clients to convey their messages strongly and authentically through the appropriate font selections.

In addition to our pre-designed fonts, Sabr Creative offers custom font creation services. We recognize that every brand or project has unique design needs. Therefore, our team of designers is ready to collaborate with clients in creating custom fonts that align with their brand identity and design requirements. We believe that by paying attention to detail and involving clients in the creative process, we can produce custom fonts that meet expectations and enhance brand excellence.

Patience is a core value we uphold at Sabr Creative. We understand that designing quality fonts takes time, precision, and a high level of patience. Our focus extends beyond aesthetics, encompassing technical excellence and legibility. Every font we produce undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its quality before it is presented to our clients.

We take pride in being a design partner for renowned brands and talented designers worldwide. In our ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement and innovation, we remain dedicated to delivering exceptional font solutions that inspire and elevate design standards.