Font Preview

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Maliya is the perfect choice for adding a touch of sophistication and romance to your projects. With its delicate and flowing letterforms, this font captures the essence of floral elegance, making it ideal for wedding invitations, branding, stationery, and more.

Experience the versatility of Maliya with both uppercase and lowercase letters. Create captivating typography and design compositions that effortlessly evoke a sense of grace and charm.

Express your creativity with Maliya’s extensive range of numbers and punctuation. From eye-catching headings to beautiful body text, this font ensures a harmonious and cohesive visual experience throughout your designs.

Reach a global audience and break language barriers with Maliya’s multilingual support. Seamlessly communicate your message in various languages, allowing your designs to resonate with diverse communities and cultures.

Effortlessly incorporate Maliya into your design workflow with its flexible file formats, including OTF, TTF, and WOFF. These formats ensure compatibility with different design software and platforms, enabling you to bring your creative visions to life.

Unleash your imagination with Maliya PUA encoding, offering access to special characters, ligatures, and alternates. Customize your designs with unique flourishes and ornamental elements, adding an extra layer of elegance and refinement.

Maliya Script Florist Font